1. At the beach with a boy that isn’t you…

    Laying here staring out to the deep sea.. Wondering how long it would take me to swim home to you…
    Your so far away..
    And I’m here in dismay..
    I’d call you.. But wouldn’t know what to say…
    Id probably cough up something stupid like- “how r u today”…
    And pray that you’d reply with “I feel the same way”

  2. Man on the run

    Your a man on the run

  3. Down by the Riverside…..
    My funeral song
  4. I’m so lost I don’t even recognise my self

    I’m so lost I don’t even recognise my self

  5. I’m walking to the cave

    I’m walking to the cave

  6. All At Once
  7. Fuck it KILLS me to think back on our lives like our own personal film..

    It’s just heart crumbling. So messed up. So beautiful and so tragic

  8. I can never again free my mind..
    Now you stole the key
  9. Or if u think of me as much as I do you…

    And think of all the fucked up shit u put me through..

  10. & I wonder if you think of me when I think of you ..

  11. I wonder if u can feel me thinking of you…
    I wonder if u can sense it all over the other side of Australia…
  12. Nothing left from me to you

    I don’t want to face the world in tears…

  13. and you don’t even know

    Secrets will eat us all up in the end..
    I can already feel the rotting,
    I can already taste the filth..
    And smell the disease